Nathalie Coutou was born in a small village near Joliette, Quebec where she inherited a rich cultural background. Nathalie's mother is of Aboriginal descent, and her father is from France. As a little girl, she was given the freedom to explore her imagination and was inspired by her father’s artistry and her mother’s enduring joy. Painting soon became her way to honour and express the beauty of her mixed heritage.

As an art student, Nathalie was involved in many projects that focused on bringing to light ancient values in relation to contemporary life. One of her goals is to honour and recognize the land for its abundance and to link the values of Aboriginal peoples to our modern lives with the support of people who still harvest the land.

Since 2001, Nathalie has passionately sought to teach people about the craft and art of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit culture. Her art gallery within KHEWA has a large selection of original paintings, limited edition prints, and other items. Visit her website for more information: