The Stories

Artwork comes with a story. Nathalie Coutou, founder of Boutique Khewa and artist shares with you the tales of her creations. Does one deeply inspire you ?

Happy reading !

Depth - Source of Healing

If the passage of the great glaciers left us traces of rivers and we live at the bottom of an ancient marine world... DEPTH ... Source of healing reminds us of this ability that we all have to face the trials of life. When we are in the abyss of the wave, we have the opportunity to dive into its heart or to be carried away in an unwanted whirlpool. This...

Journey to the Spirit World - Fulfillment

That moment when a Being is between dream and reality, and is carried away in a universe of freedom, is a moment of great fulfillment. JOURNEY TO THE SPIRIT WORLD acknowledges the four elements (water, earth, fire and wind) that are found in the ancient symbol of the Medicine Wheel. This image is an intimate approach of an emotion within us all, the...

Motter Love - Devotion

Otter have the ability to find renewed joy, in order to balance out the more serious life events. It is a symbol of devotion to its family and loved ones. In order to enjoy life and floating on their back with no fear of drifting away in the current, they hold hands and form a raft. Allow Motter Love to ignite your sense of humour and playfulness, and...

Northern Keepers - Family

May this drum, the heart of our Earth, give rhythm to our dearest wishes in order to preserve our environment. May the wisdom of the Elders give us the strength to stand up for our gaze to the future, with the spirit of a galloping horse! May the youth of today cling to our good judgment and our inner strength ... with confidence. May our companion's...

Reaching Out - Believe in Yourself

By opening our hands toward our own goals, we create a link between our dreams and our reality. We then walk our own sacred path honoring the freedom from within ourselves.

The River Keeper - Hope

We, Woman, are those who host in our body the sacred life of a Little One. We are those who give life. When we preserve ourselves in our journey, we preserve the essence of life. We preserve our inner WATER. We are the Keeper of our water. RIVER KEEPER depicts this moment when WOMEN come back with strength to MAN ON EARTH carrying memories of animals,...

Unity - Love

In a dream of warmth and comfort, forever protected by the spirits of our loved ones and our ancestors, UNITY reminds us that we are the children of the Earth. We are meant to love and to be loved.
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