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Wild Chamomile

Properties: Relieves spasms and inflammations of the digestive tract, restlessness and nervous insomnia.

Balsam Fir

Properties: Treats respiratory tract infections, inflammation of mucous membranes and skin ulcers. It also relieves rheumatic and neuralgic pains.

Rose hips

Properties: Astringent tonic and digestive virtues. Rose hip has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Wild Mint

Properties: Mint has digestive properties. It soothes the stomach and stimulates bile and therefore digestion thanks to its concentration of iron and vitamin C. A direct consequence of its effectiveness on the digestion side, mint limits gastric lift and treats bad breath

Usage: Add honey as an infusion or simply take 1 tbsp. to soak up the flavours of our forest

Made in Quebec, Canada.

  • Rosehips
  • Wild chamomile
  • Wild mint
  • Balsam fir

Anokian Nature

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