Card - M'Otter love by Nathalie Coutou
  • Card - M'Otter love by Nathalie Coutou

Card - M'Otter love

Blank wish card with white envelope. Wrapped individually in a clear bag. Made in Canada. Bilingual biography of the artist in the back. 
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Otter have the ability to find renewed joy, in order to balance out the more serious life events. It is a symbol of devotion to its family and loved ones.
In order to enjoy life and floating on their back with no fear of drifting away in the current, they hold hands and form a RAFT.
Allow M'Otter Love to ignite your sense of humour and playfulness, and the Otter will keep you «going with the flow» ... not alone!
Nathalie Coutou
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5" x 7"
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